Climb Mount Rinjani 6 Days / 5 Nights


Package of this program will take the Senaru village - the summit of Mount Rinjani - Village Sembalun, for 6 days 5 nights

Day 01 Airport - Hotel Pondok Senaru

Check in and then transfer to Senaru village, stay 1 night. Senaru village is one of the main paths to climb (Rinjani Trek Center 600 M)

Day 02 Pondok Senaru Hotel - Pelawangan I 2641 Meter

After breakfast, trekking event at the start of the Rinjani trek center, center track with elevation (Rinjani Trek Center 600 M), Travel continues to Post 1 (900

M). The trip to the post I would take in the fastest time at 1.5 hours, with the condition of the climb and through heavy woods, the next trip is done with

distance of about 2.5 hours to the Post 2 (1.500 M) for istrirahat and lunch. Here there are springs where the entire team ate unwind and relax

lunch, After lunch continue the journey toward Post 3 (2.000 M) with a distance of about 1.5 hours and still through the wilderness, after passing

post 3 then you will see the most amazing scenery, Past Post 3, continue to climb in pelawangan Senaru (entrance gate = 2641 AD) Here we

will spend the night to see the sunset and sunrise, and enjoy the beautiful peak of Mount Rinjani, a new look at the mountain and the lake immediate child finger

Day 03: Pelawangan 2641m - Segara Anak Lake - Pelawangan Sembalun II 2639 Meters

After Breakfast, we will get ready to go down to the lake Segara Anak. Trip down to the lake in the travel for 2 hours. In this route you should be careful

remember the way that terjal.Aktivitas you can do on the lake is in the water bath kelaq or sulfur water quite warm and fun to soak.

Other activities that can be done is carp fishing and fish mujahir and gold, after lunch and then continue climbing towards pelawangan Sembalun

II 2639 mileage 3-4 hour hike to reach pelawangan Sembalun II

Day 04: Pelawangan 2639 m - Puncak Rinjani - Pelawangan

After breakfast at 2:30 in the morning get up early and breakfast breads, coffee and tea, then, began to climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani (3726 AD) From here it takes

mental and physical readiness for challenging terrain, trip mileage to the top of Rinjani in 3.5 to 4 hours.

, Then get ready to go back to Pelawangan Sembalun altitude (2639 M) for resting and eating lunch pagi.setelah the journey was continued down to post 2

Tengengan for overnight

Day 05 Tengengan Post 2 - village Sembalun - Hotel

After breakfast, the journey was continued through the picturesque meadows and mountains around the village Sembalun, then we set up transportation to deliver to

sengggigi local hotel to rest,

Day 06 - Check out from hotel and transfer to the Airport

Pelawangan Senaru daylight

Place Camp

Road to Puncak Rinjani

3726 m summit of Mount Rinjani



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